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We Do More Than Buy And Sell...


In addition to buying and selling antiques and art, we offer helpful, related services.


Estate and downsizing consultation and distribution

Dealing with estates is time-consuming, confusing and emotionally difficult. We help you and your family ease your stress by advising and helping to best disperse of estates, depending on your needs.

Collection management and consultation

I help advise, purchase and sell select items and collections to your best benefit.


If you’re looking for a particular antique, collectible or work of art, I can help find it through a network of sources developed over many years.

Renting for film and media use

I have access to collections and inventory for rent that are not necessarily found in shops.


I assist buying and selling specific antiques, collectibles and art, with the goal to bring you the best value possible.

Walk-through estimates of value

In just a couple of hours, I can give you an idea of relative value and help you decide what do with your antiques, collectibles or art based on the current market.

Public Speaking

Could your group benefit from learning about antiques or art? I'm happy to educate and help others buy and sell confidently and successfully.


Are you looking for an antique, collectible or artwork? Can I provide a service to you? Email or call 912-655-8189.

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