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How Can We Help You?

D Levy Antiques & Appraisals offers a variety of related services.

USPAP and ISA Compliant Appraisals

We appraise personal property including residential contents, antiques, collectibles and fine art. Our appraisals are compliant with the Uniform Standards Of Professional Appraisal Practice and the standards of the International Society of Appraisers.

  • Insurance Coverage

Rest easy knowing that your property is correctly covered. An up-to-date insurance appraisal will provide a record of ownership, inventory details, condition information and a current value in the event of a loss.

  • Estate Planning and Equitable Distribution

Be confident that jointly held property is fairly valued to make distribution easier.

  • Charitable Donation and Tax

Make sure your non-cash donation to a qualifying charitable organization is valued correctly and supported by the proper information and documentation. We are an IRS-qualified appraiser.

  • Divorce Related

Relieve stress and facilitate a faster resolution with a professional, objective appraisal of marital property.


Walk-Through Estimates of Value

In just a couple of hours, we give you an estimate of relative value to help you decide what to do with your residential contents, antiques, collectibles or art.


Estate Downsizing and Dispersal Consultation

Settling an estate and dispersing the personal property can be time consuming as well as physically, mentally and emotionally difficult. We help ease your stress by evaluating the contents and guiding the process to best distribute the property and to dispose of unwanted items according to your needs.


Collection Consultation and Management

We identify, inventory and photograph items; and we develop systems to maintain order and help you confidently buy and sell to increase the value and enjoyment of your collection.



We buy or sell antiques, collectibles and art for you through our network of collectors, dealers, galleries, auction houses and museums. Our goal is to bring you the best return possible.


Photographic Inventory/Identification

We identify, photograph and document your personal property for your records.


Buying and Selling Consultation

We provide information about particular objects, markets and trends to help you buy and sell confidently.



Whether for your home, collection or film and media prop use, we help find specific objects through our extensive network of sources developed over many years.

Can we help you with an appraisal or another service? Email or call 912-616-5350.

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